Saturday, April 5, 2008

the face of fear

It was easy enough to sustain writing about football with no real access to it for two months, but then it kind of palled, and this whole business about the Champions' League being dominated by the English and William Gaillard airily threatening to take the CL final away from Rome if there was trouble in the city during their game with Manchester United really got me down for a while. As I write this India has just lost a test to South Africa by an innings and 90 runs, which is as shameful as anything I remember from the dark years of '96-'97. And I'm trying not to claw my face off in pain from a pair of sinuses inflamed by Bengali weather's moody inclemence. [Either that, or it was the mouldy stuff in the, Mum, no, I'm kidding. We clean it out every week and restock the vegetables every three days, for real.]

I will be back in Bombay next week, though, so once the hopeful self-medication works/the European semis roll around, I should hopefully be back in business on Blogger.

An innings and ninety runs. And the worst of it is, I'm not even surprised.

Oh, PS, though: Pippo Inzaghi scored a brace today. It was like picking Leave It To Psmith off the bookshelves after a middling absence and finding it as hilarious as the last time you read it.


Spangly Princess said...

Yay Roswitha I have been wondering when you would be back!

Wodehouse is an enduring joy, and because the humour is so largely in the language rather than the (irrelevant) plots, the best of his writing is still as funny the tenth time as the first.

I shall endeavour to apply this mindset to Inzaghi but it is what I believe commentators might term "a big ask".

Brian said...

I haven't read Psmith! Clearly something I need to rectify, if only for the Inzaghi comparison. Well, by the time I finish the oddly joyless march through My Favourite Year, I know I'll be ready for a good laugh.

Really good to see you back.