Sunday, July 13, 2008

shaking off the chains

It is almost a month since my last appearance in this part of the Internet - disease and unemployment have kept my nose at other grindstones, alas, and I have been amusing myself with reading things other than the sports pages ever since Euro 2008 ended; I refuse to concern myself with transfers. I was struck down by a hideous monsoon virus just when Marcello Lippi took over Italy, which meant I had no chance to collect my thoughts and feelings of vague resentment about this development. I was unable to express my love for Iker Casillas on the night of Spain's victory in the Euros. I had no way to persuade you of how little the fate of Ronaldinho matters to me. I could still express my rage at the debate over 'modern slavery' raging about the frosted hair of Cristiano Ronaldo, but let's consider it said, since James Lawton has already taken the opportunity to be self-righteous about it somewhere in the pages of The Independent. But I hope to return presently, with musings on vintage Juventus kits, and the thrills of the UEFA Cup.

How about that Ajantha Mendis, anyway?


clash said...

Perplexed by Mendis...Foxy run up and awkward finger movements!

ursus arctos said...

Terribly sorry to hear that you were ill.

I imagine that the first test against Sri Lanka hasn't done anything for your condition, either.

Do let me know if you would like any Ronaldinho tat (to burn or otherwise). There is quite a bit of it around at the moment.

roswitha said...

I'm quite fond of him, you know, Ursus, as a Barcelona enthusiast. Now that his transfer is complete I am feeling very affectionate. But as I said in the other post, there should be fake tat flooding the streets soon, and I feel pleasingly anarchic by not buying real stuff. Thank you so much. :) I'm quite recovered now.

roswitha said...

@ clash: Tell me about it. Phew. And thanks for the link!