Thursday, February 7, 2008


Wow. More English football. How thrilled I am not.

Hopefully by 2011 Internet penetration in India will have reached the stage where streaming and webcasting are widely supportable, and an entire underbelly of rebels can switch off ESPN for good. And watch the Copa Libertadores. Or the African Cup of Nations. Or go out in the sunshine and watch something, anything else. (Which I missed the chance to do a bare couple of weeks ago - I slept through the Mohun Bagan-East Bengal derby, and a Baichung brace, at that. I suck - as do East Bengal, sadly.)

This is why my first thought on hearing that England hadn't qualified for Euro 2008 was paranoid fear that the sporting networks in their wisdom would assume that us dollar signs in Manchester United tee-shirts would not in fact need to watch the tournament at all. One could argue that a Euro-centric tournament once every four years is enough, certainly. But there will be so much hell to pay if I don't get to see Donadoni and van Basten shake hands on the touchline.

DONADONI: van Basten. It's been ages.
VAN BASTEN: You can say that again, er. ...Costacurta, wasn't it?

Almost makes you wish Capello was in on the party.


Martha said...

I just saw an interview in which Gianluca Pagliuca animatedly detailed the horror of having to room with Donadoni during the World Cup in the US -- apparently he spent the entire month watching golf. (Yes, I realize this is entirely unrelated to the content of your post. It's just ... that picture!)

roswitha said...

Golf? The Don? He looks like such a Bolshie, angry kid in pictures from his playing days, I always imagined he was reading revolutionary tracts when he was not playing football, for some reason. Illusions, illusions.

Martha said...

Oh no, he's all about golf. (Allegedly.) So much so that Pagliuca has sworn never to watch it again. I wonder if he'd have sworn off revolutionary tracts instead, if they were the designated entertainment.