Monday, February 25, 2008

as the internet would say, LOL.

Eduardo's breaking ankle will be the nightmarish after-image this weekend leaves in the minds of most people. Here's hoping he recovers well and as rapidly as possible, and much the same to Adrian Mutu, whose injury this weekend in Fiorentina's game against Roma has come at a horrible moment for the Viola, who are in the UEFA Cup's last 16 and playing peek-a-boo at fourth spot in Serie A, whence Milan dislodged them last night, for the first time this year. May Everton be dazzled by the force of the Bobo, who becomes their #1 striking option now.

If it weren't for these, this weekend might have gone down as the funniest one all season. Juventus lost to Reggina on a soft penalty. They're writing letters to FIGC about it this morning. It's unbelievable. A season in B has apparently done nothing to dent a sense of entitlement that would -- how to find the words for it? -- that would put Milan to shame.

Football Italia reports that
Ahead of Tuesday evening’s derby, city rivals Torino have reacted with little sympathy to Juventus’ complaints

“Poor Juve, having to be treated like everyone else,” a statement from supporters group Toro Club reads.

They really are calcio royalty -- the prurient interest and perverse pride that so many fans take in supporting them is matched only by the resentment and derision harboured by others. I forget who wrote a novel I once read about Queen Elizabeth being forced to re-locate to a suburban housing project after a disastrous Parlimentary election. Perhaps in time Juve's Cadetti season will take on a similarly absurd quality.

Then, of course, there's Marco Borriello, best known for his profile shots in Milan's annual D&G calendar and the Incident With The Ointment [Paolo Bandini's weekly Italia roundup in the Guardian recounts it today]. Bundled off in disgrace to Genoa at the end of last season by a fastidious Milan, he now sits at the top of the capocannoniere lists of the season. Chris has video links.

And over in Spain, Arjen Robben noticed there was something badly wrong about the goal he scored.

that football ... it's not where i left it

Tim Stannard squees. I think it's Sergio Ramos who truly brings the picture to life.

[Thanks to Martha for the pic. I'm so glad you're watching football other than Newcastle these days, bb. *ducks*]


Martha said...

FWIW, Mutu's injury probably doesn't mean the world will get the Bobo they desire, unless Prandelli changes his system. It'll still be Pazzinior Bobo leading the line, but what Prandelli needs to do is replace the support striker on the left, which is where Mutu plays/starts out. It'll probably be a lot of Osvaldo, if the little punk can stay fit.

(And I don't watch Newcastle anymore. I Tivo them, read about how awful the match was on the internets, and delete it unseen. Also, I'm trying to figure out how to put Kevin Keegan on remote suicide watch.)

roswitha said...

Has Osvaldo been getting time in the UEFA Cup, or will Prandelli actually make adjustments to his European formation so that we do, in fact, see the Bobo we desire? I think, Juve apart, they should be able to hang tough in Serie A, don't you? Fourth place is now looking tough, but at least there's more wiggle room in a league table than there is in a knockout competition against big opponents.

[Oh god, that's painful. It's just as well you have some Liga hilarity to balance out the woe, then, isn't it. As long as things like Barca wins keep happening, at least.]

ursus arctos said...

Thank you for that photo, it has considerably eased the pain of the Viola looking rather clueless once Mutu was gone. I am afraid that Everton are going to roll over them now, and fourth place looks very unlikely.

Bobo needs those trainers with tiny wheels in the soles that annoying eight year olds wear around here; the flashing lights would also be useful when he is backing up.

Prandelli seems to have something against Osvaldo, though I'm not sure what. Perhaps he blames him for the Della Valles forcing the genius to wear overtight purple jumpers on international television.

Martha, you are a Magpie? I'm so, so sorry.

Martha said...

Ursus, I worry that Bobo would hurt himself in those shoes, but man would I love to see it.

Osvaldo has a serious attitude problem from what I have read, which doesn't go over well with Prandelli. They had a clear-the-air talk/shouting match after one of the early UEFA Cup matches, and the kid has played at least once since then. Just recently he picked up a knock in training and wasn't available for a few matches, but I think he's cleared for the midweek game. (And I am a Magpie, I can't tear myself way. It's agony.)

Roswitha, Osvaldo's first appearance for the club was a surprise start @ Livorno when Mutu was being rested, and he scored two magical goals, which raised expectations sort of high. Plus, he scored for the Azzurrini against Holland, in what I think was his third appearances for the U-21s. Since Livorno (which, ironically, is the midweek match), he's made four other appearances in Serie A and a couple in Europe as well, the last of which was hugely disappointing. My guess is that Prandelli will throw Osvaldo out there to see if he'll step up. If he doesn't, I could see him switching to a 4-4-2 with Pazzini and ... Cacia? Papa Waigo? up top, and Semioli sliding back to the midfield proper. (Or I could be hugely wrong, which is always very possible.)

It depends what you mean by "hang tough." I'd like to think they could stay in the top six, but they look so stagnant without Mutu, that I'm not sure. (Pazzini coming back will help with that, but won't fix it.)

Martha said...

[That's a blog post I just made in your comments. Sorry.]

??! said...

I forget who wrote a novel I once read about Queen Elizabeth being forced to re-locate to a suburban housing project after a disastrous Parlimentary election.
That would be "The Queen & I", by Sue Townsend.

roswitha said...

It's certainly a pathetic week to be an Italian team facing English opposition, isn't it?

* loves the thought of Bobo shoe-skating around the pitch *

Martha: No no no, thank you, I haven't been able to watch them in the last six months and none of their UEFA Cup at all, so I'm really glad you've laid it all out. Thank you.

@ Puncts: Yes! That is the book I meant. Thanks muchly. [Not a brilliant read, was it -- or am I forgetting a lot more than I imagine?]

??! said...

It was strictly ok.

And heh. Your comment-time showing as being before mine, even though you commented later. Guess you changed the clock-settings, but still odd to see.

Spangly Princess said...

Mutu's injury looked horrid right away, and I hope he gets better soon. I too think Everton must be feeling pretty confident about the tie though I differ in being rather pleased about that prospect. Moyes' side aren't quite the second coming of the School of Science, it's fair to say, but they are a decent team and I have a big toffee soft-spot.

(How can you not love a team who have huge banners reading "Money makes clubs bigger, History makes them Greater". And whose main fanzine is called When Skies are Grey, and has a picture of rainy clouds on the front.)

roswitha said...

Spangles: You're killing me here - I share your soft spot for Everton, but la Viola are too close to my heart for me to wish good things for even such ones as the Toffees. At any rate, that win over Juventus will keep me warm on winter nights for a while to come. :)

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